Irrigation Consultant

Experienced Irrigation Consultants

Glenelg Irrigation has qualified irrigation consultants to assist your business. With experience across all areas of irrigation systems, including the water supply, pump system and irrigation distribution networks. Our senior irrigation consultant, Alan Michelsen, is a Certified Irrigation Designer with over 35 years’ experience from agricultural, landscape and turf projects.

The vast knowledge Alan has gained in the horticulture and irrigation industry since 1980 is complemented by his up to date technical knowledge of best practice water management. His extensive experience also extends to recycled and potable water. All of which enable Glenelg Irrigation to design a wide variety of irrigation systems.


Project Compliance Inspections & Reports

An independent irrigation consultant is vital for project compliance. Regular inspections during the installation stage will ensure your project complies with the design specification. Resulting in the correct components being used and the irrigation system operating as designed.

Glenelg Irrigation will recommend the number of inspections suitable for your project based on the project size and scope. You will also be provided with a written report for each inspection and at practical completion.


Irrigation Distribution Assessment

Another area that an irrigation consultant is useful is for irrigation maintenance and capital works projects. In particular, conducting an assessment of your system’s efficiency and effectiveness. Glenelg Irrigation will generate an assessment report tailored to your requirements. The report may include only a small sample area or a larger number of samples per location. The report will include two figures; Distribution of Uniformity and Scheduling Coefficient. Both figures give a very good snapshot of the system’s efficiency.


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